• "Keeping track of a difficult economy since 1971"

Weekly Analysis

Weekly Analysis is a Grupo Spurrier report, founded in 1971, which has provided strategic information on economic and political issues to corporations, social organizations, public relations groups, legal firms, government agencies and multilateral organizations. Walter Spurrier is its director and Alberto Acosta Burneo the editor.

Weekly Analysis deals weekly with a topical issue of political and economic relevance. In its Official Registry section, it provides an update of the most important new legislation. It provides brief information on relevant events and opinions that has not deserved adequate media coverage, as well as a permanent update of economic indicators.

The economic topics feature economic indicators, business environment, public finances, foreign trade, economic growth, employment and salaries.

Additionally, sectors systematically covered include the financial system, insurance, securities market, mining, oil and derivatives, electric power, shrimp, bananas, fisheries, transportation, construction, pharmaceuticals.

Weekly Analysis subscribers are entitled to a 10% discount on all services offered by Grupo Spurrier.

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